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May 5, 2011   Webmiss

Alison Brie has teased that her character Annie might go lesbian on Community. But would good girl Annie be into girls for good, or would she actually be bi (leaving her open to dating more guys)?

It’s hard to imagine Annie turning out to be a full-fledged lesbian after seeing her reveal her feelings for Jeff a few times on the show, but it’s pretty easy to see her experimenting with her sexuality — she seems to be trying really hard to break out of her squeaky-clean shell.

However, Annie wouldn’t start hanging around a lesbian for the same reason Britta did in “Early 21st Century Romanticism” — she would have to actually find a girl she has strong feelings for. In that episode, hipster Britta befriended a girl she thought was a lesbian to show how accepting she is, a faux friendship that ended in a self-righteous make out session. Annie, on the other hand, actually seemed to want to make out with Britta at the end of the episode, so it’s not hard to see her experimenting with girls (after all, lots of girls have similar college experimentation stories).

Plus Alison Brie bears a striking resemblance to “I Kissed a Girl” singer Katy Perry, while her character seems to share the same sheltered upbringing as the pop star that wasn’t even allowed to have “deviled” eggs (a joke that definitely would work on Community). Annie could become a sort of Jewish version of Katy Perry, dressing in kitschy, crazy clothes and dating a lesbian that looks like Russell Brand (the guy already wears girl’s pants). And instead of just writing a song about it like Katy, Annie could actually kiss a girl and like it.

Unfortunately Alison Brie has only said that there’s a possibility that “more gay stuff could creep in” in the future, so Community fans hoping to see Alison hook up with another girl will just have to wait and see if it actually happens (and if it does, Britta is going to be so jealous of her friend’s cool new lifestyle).