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  • (in a 2009 interview) “I’m pretty mellow, and I stay around South Pasadena and Pasadena a lot because I’m a homebody who’s fine with dinner and a movie. But my boyfriend is from Texas, and two years ago, I went there with him on the ultimate trip where we shot guns, drank beer and saw the rodeo. When I got back, I was like ‘Let’s go to the gun range!’ My parents are so anti-gun and I used to be, but now I feel so empowered when I go to the L.A. Gun Club downtown. It’s sort of seedy, but hey, I love going.”
  • (on her preference between doing comedy or drama) “I’ve flip-flopped on both throughout my career. When I was in college and growing up I was like, ‘It’s comedy for me! I’m so funny!’ Yikes. Then when I started acting, right away it was drama, and with Mad Men it’s my first success in television and obviously it’s a heavy drama. What I like about it is, [drama and comedy] both appeal to both sides of me.”
  • (At a party, you’ll find me…) “Dancing and probably taking my top off.”
  • “I have had vocal training, at Cal Arts we had very extensive vocal training, it’s an hour and a half per class of sticking out your tongue, exploring your soft palate, all that. It’s proven to come in handy all the time. You learn all the tools you have, your body (as an actress) is your greatest asset.”
  • (recounting her worst date) “It was our second date and we were supposed to go to this concert. I’d just gotten a new car and it ran out of gas, so I was stranded in the middle of Hollywood. I called this guy thinking that he’d be like, ‘Oh, that’s terrible, I’ll come pick you up on my way.’ But he was like, ‘What do you mean? You were supposed to be here 10 minutes ago!’ I had to walk two miles and buy a gas can and fill up the can. When I finally got there, he was totally wasted.”
  • “I cherished my time at CalArts. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”
  • (on ’60s fashion) “It amazes me how much time it took to get ready to go out. All the clothing: girdles, slips, stockings. You couldn’t just pop on the nylons and throw on a dress. I think people appeared to be adult so much sooner because they dressed up.”