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Save the Date

Character: Beth

Directed by: Michael Mohan

Written by: Jeffrey Brown, Michael Mohan, Egan Reich

Produced by: Rachel Berk, Shauna Bogetz, Gary Gilbert, Jordan Horowitz, Michael Huffington, M. Elizabeth Hughes, Nathan Kelly, Maileen Williams Matheny, Michael Roiff

Cast Members: Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Geoffrey Arend, Mark Webber, Melonie Diaz, Timothy Busfield, Gigi Bermingham, Grant Harvey

Released date: December 14, 2012

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Duration: 1 hour 37 minutes

Sarah begins to confront her shortcomings after she rejects her boyfriend's hasty proposal and soon finds herself in a rebound romance. Meanwhile, her sister Beth is immersed in the details of her wedding.

Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source
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