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16 Aug 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on Alison Brie More ‘Hopeful’ for a “Community” Movie Than Ever BeforeInterviews

Hold on to your hats from the Hat Club, human beings: We could be headed back to Greendale. Maybe. Possibly. At least according to Community star Alison Brie.

While promoting her new film Spin Me Round, which she stars in and co-wrote with director Jeff Baena, Brie addressed recent rumors that the beloved show could be closer than ever to getting the movie cherry on top of its six-season sundae.

“Recently you were quoted as saying that a Community movie is maybe a possibility—can you say anything else about that?” Newsweek asked her on August 15.

Brie’s answer: “I don’t think I can say anything else, but I will double down on what I did say: It’s maybe a possibility. It’s definitely maybe a possibility.”

She added with a laugh, “Honestly, and I’m not trying to be coy, I’m honestly trying to give you as much information as I have. It’s been talked about in the way that’s the most hopeful that I’ve ever witnessed, but still who knows. I’m crossing my fingers as much as anyone else. I hope it happens.”

Ever since Community wrapped in 2015, fans and those involved with the show alike—including stars Brie, Joel McHale and Danny Pudi, along with creator Dan Harmon—have expressed their enduring desire to do a film. The hashtag #sixseasonsandamovie has been a fandom rallying cry, an homage to the TV-obsessed character Abed (Pudi), who demanded nothing less than six seasons and a movie for the criminally underrated series The Cape. (Sadly, The Cape lived on only in the darkest timeline.)

Against all odds, Community got its six seasons, premiering on NBC in 2009 and surviving showrunner changes, cast member departures (Donald Glover, Chevy Chase and Yvette Nicole Brown) and even a hopscotch across platforms, landing on Yahoo! for its sixth and final season in 2015. Now, could it finally get its movie all these years later?

“It surprises me and warms my heart truly,” Brie said about fans’ ongoing dedication to the series and getting the film made. “I loved making that show and I still love that cast; we’re all texting this morning. Our group chain is constant after what, 12 years? It means so much to me that it still means so much to the fans.”

Brie was less optimistic about a resurrection of her critically acclaimed series GLOW, which was canceled in 2019 after three seasons.

“I have heard nothing on that front,” she said. “Sadly, I continue to not be optimistic about that. I don’t see a resurrection happening. I was so heartbroken to say goodbye to GLOW. It will forever be that great love of my life in terms of work, and I miss it a lot.”

As for Community, Brie partly credits new fans for reinvigorating the discussion around a movie. “I think that ever since it went up on some more streaming platforms in the past couple years…we’ve seen a whole new audience who’s come to love the show, and it means a lot to all of us.”

All six seasons (but no movie…yet) of Community are available on Netflix.

Spin Me Round, which also stars Aubrey Plaza, Molly Shannon, Ayden Mayeri, Debby Ryan, Zach Woods, Tim Heidecker, Ben Sinclair, Alessandro Nivola and Lil Rel Howery, hits theaters, VOD and AMC+ on August 19.

Source: Newsweek

16 Aug 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on The Secret’s in the Sauce: Alison Brie on Spin Me RoundInterviews

With her breakout supporting work in “Mad Men” and “Community” far behind her, Alison Brie has been fashioning a lead career by in part portraying characters who don’t usually see center stage. In 2020, she expressed a spectrum of mental illness in a quiet and bold performance in “Horse Girl,” a glass character study she co-wrote with director Jeff Baena. In “Spin Me Round,” Brie uses that same gentleness and actor’s empathy for a woman named Amber, who Brie describes as “very passive for a film’s protagonist.” A manager of an Olive Garden-like Italian food franchise, Amber is sent on a special work retreat in Italy with stars in her eyes. The trip proves to be a manipulated rip-off in more ways than one, especially when she meets franchise owner Nick (Alessandro Nivola), who is nothing like she had dreamed him to be.

Brie co-wrote “Spin Me Round” with Baena, and is joined on-screen by an ensemble cast that includes Debby Ryan, Molly Shannon, Zach Woods, Tim Heidecker, Ben Sinclair, Ayden Mayeri, Fred Armisen, Lauren Weedman, and Aubrey Plaza.

RogerEbert.com spoke to Brie about the collaborative energy of “Spin Me Round,” its personal components, the time she got nervous meeting Frances McDormand, and more.

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16 Aug 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on Alison Brie Hopes to Play a Marvel VillainInterviews

Mad Men and Community star Alison Brie’s charm and charisma saw a number of fans hope for her to join a major cinematic franchise, with the physical abilities she put on display in GLOW earning her even more attention, with reports emerging years ago that Marvel was seeking an “Alison Brie-type” performer to star in She-Hulk. While that role went to Tatiana Maslany, Brie has collaborated with Marvel as a filmmaker for their Marvel’s 616 and she’ll be voicing a role in the animated Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, but if she were to join the live-action franchise, she’d like to take over a villainous role. In the meantime, fans can see Brie in the new film she co-wrote and stars in, Spin Me Round, which will be in theaters, On Demand, and streaming on AMC+ on August 19th.

When asked by ComicBook.com if Brie had her eyes on a new Marvel role she’d like to embody, the actor admitted, “Nothing specifically that I have set my sights on, no, and I think that would be a mistake, because clearly you can’t really dictate. Marvel’s going to do their thing, as they should. I think there’s a fantasy deep in my mind that one day I would get to play a great Marvel villain, but I don’t know which one that would be. People, fans, send me some ideas so I can start the campaign.”

While a number of performers have campaigned for themselves to take over beloved roles in major franchises, Brie was inadvertently thrown into the discussion when casting reports about She-Hulk emerged. Brie had embraced the idea, though hadn’t necessarily championed herself as loudly as her fans did.

In Spin Me Round, Brie stars as the manager of an Italian restaurant chain who wins the opportunity to attend the franchise’s educational immersion program in Italy. What she thought would be a romantic getaway devolves into chaos and catastrophe.

From Duplass Brothers Productions, the new comedy Spin Me Round is directed by Jeff Baena (The Little Hours, Life After Beth) and co-written with frequent collaborator Alison Brie (Horse Girl, The Little Hours, Joshy). The film features a heavyweight of indie comedic actors including Brie (GLOW, Community), Alessandro Nivola (The Many Saints of Newark, American Hustle), Aubrey Plaza (Ingrid Goes West, Parks and Recreation), Molly Shannon (The Little Hours, Other People, SNL), Zach Woods (Silicon Valley, The Office), Ayden Mayeri (The Afterparty, Homecoming), Ben Sinclair (High Maintenance), Tim Heidecker (Eastbound & Down, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!), Debby Ryan (Insatiable, Jessie), Fred Armisen (Portlandia, SNL), and Lil Rey Howery (Free Guy, Get Out).

Stay tuned for updates on Brie’s possible future with the MCU. Spin Me Round will be in theaters, On Demand, and streaming on AMC+ on August 19th.

Source: ComicBook.com

12 Aug 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on Alison Brie To Appear On “Jimmy Kimmel Live”Alerts

Alison Brie will be a guest on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 to discuss her newest film Spin Me Round! Make sure you tune in on ABC!

Alison was replaced with Spin Me Round co-star Aubrey Plaza for this appearance!

06 Aug 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on “The Old Man And The Pool” Opening Night PhotosEvents, Photos

Alison Brie attended the opening night performance of “The Old Man And The Pool” in Los Angeles earlier this week! I have added 12 photos of Alison Brie from the event to our photo gallery. Check them out by clicking on the preview links!

Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source
23 Jul 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on 2022 ESPY Awards PhotosEvents, Photos

Alison Brie attended and presented at the 2022 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles on July 20th! I have added 170 photos of Alison Brie from the event, presenting an award, and in the press room to our photo gallery. Check them out by clicking on the preview links!

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22 Jul 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on Alison Brie to Guest Star on Marvel’s Animated Series “Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur”News, TV Shows

Alison Brie will lend her voice to the new Marvel animated series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. The series is slated to premiere in 2023 on Disney Channel and Disney+.

Source: Marvel.com

16 Jul 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on Alison Brie To Present At 2022 ESPY AwardsAlerts, Events

Alison Brie is scheduled to present at the 2022 ESPY Awards in Los Angeles! The ceremony will be held on July 20, 2022 and air live on ABC at 8:00 pm.

Source: ET Online

12 Jul 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on “Spin Me Round” Trailer ScreencapsMovies, Photos

The full-length for Spin Me Round was released today! I have added 198 HD screen captures of Alison Brie from the trailer to our photo gallery. Check them out by clicking on the preview links!

Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source
12 Jul 2022
By Jennifer • Comments Off on Trailer for “Spin Me Round”Movies, Videos

The full-length trailer for Spin Me Round is now online! The movie will be released in theaters and on VOD on August 19, 2022.