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2011 – Angeleno

Scream Queen
Alison Brie takes on the big screen in the ultimate horror flick franchise
By Sam Wasson

Angeleno, April 2011

“I actually rent my childhood home from my mother,” says Alison Brie. “She’s my landlord, which is great because I’m constantly late with my rent checks.” For Brie, 27, who grew up in South Pasadena, Hollywood was always close at hand, but her parents – a mom who directs a nonprofit for children’s services and a singer-songwriter dad – insisted she get a degree before she went into show business. First CalArts, then a guest spot on Hannah Montana. “I loved acting no matter where I was doing it,” Brie says. Well, she’s doing it, all right. The star of NBC’s hit comedy series Community is also Mad Men‘s Trudy Campbell and, this month, fresh meat on the big screen for the killer of Scream 4.

What’s the most far-out thing you’ve ever done on stage?
When I was at CalArts we did a play called The Peach Blossom Fan. I played in a chorus of Chinese prostitutes wearing miniskirts and 4-inch stilettos and had to learn stick fighting and hand-to-hand combat and traditional Chinese fan dancing and singing.

Now I’m depressed I studied English.
Actually, you’d be amazed how much of that came in hand, because on Community they’ve said, “Do you know how to stick fight?” and I’m like, “Yes!”

In Scream 4, do you have one of those screaming, door-slamming, running-around parts?
I would venture to say every part in the movie is one!

Are you anything like your character in Mad Men?
The funny thing is, [creator] Matt Weiner’s note to me was always, “Don’t worry. Just be yourself.” And then when my dad watched the very first episode he was like, “Gosh, your character’s such a spoiled little brat!” and I was like, “Well, thanks, dad! The only note I got was be ‘be yourself’!”

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