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Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source Alison Brie Source

Alison Brie Source was originally established in February 2011 under the name Alison Brie Central and the domain The fan site operated for three years until mid-2014, but due to personal life issues I needed to deal with, it had to be closed. I was still a fan of Alison’s work. Once GLOW was released in June 2017, after bingeing the entire series in one evening, it reminded me why I was a fan of Alison and sparked my desire to bring back the website. Finally, in May 2018, my personal situation had improved enough that I was able to begin working on re-starting my Alison Brie fan site. I hope that what I have created at entertains other fans of Alison. My goal for this website is that we are seen as being the most complete resource for Alison Brie and her career.

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