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April 15, 2023   Jennifer   Comments Off on Gold Derby Interview Interviews, Videos

Alison Brie explains how a walk with Dave Franco sparked their unconventional rom-com ‘Somebody I Used to Know.’ Plus: The actress gives an update on the “Community” movie. Gold Derby editor Joyce Eng hosts this webchat.

September 20, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on Alison Brie on “The Last Laugh” Podcast Interviews

Alison Brie is featured on “The Last Laugh” podcast. Alison Brie had one of the luckiest big breaks in the history of television. Before the age of 30, she managed to simultaneously co-star on TV’s most celebrated drama (Mad Men) and most obsessed-over comedy (Community). In the seven years since those two shows ended their […]

August 26, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on Alison Brie Interview on “UnWrapped” Podcast Interviews

On some films, “producer” may be a vanity title added next to an actor’s name during the credits to boost their ego, rather than a hard-earned badge of honor. But more and more actors – like Lili Reinhart and Alison Brie – are working to change that, earning that credit by taking a step behind […]

August 25, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on “Spin Me Round” Interview with Mashable Interviews, Videos

Alison Brie and Jeff Baena, the writers of “Spin Me Round,” choose their ultimate romantic thriller squad. Then they gave us the title and logline for their ideal film.

August 22, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on Alison Brie On Co-Writing Genre Shifting ‘Spin Me Round’ And Creating the Roles She Wants to Play Interviews

A lot has changed for Alison Brie since being cast as Trudy Campbell on Mad Men in 2007. Over the years, the California-born actress has proved that she can’t be pigeonholed, from becoming an integral part of the ensemble on Community to embodying supporting characters in films like Scream 4 and The Five-Year Engagement. In […]

August 22, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on Alison Brie Talks Restaurant Work, Pasta, and Her Favorite Local Dinner Spots Interviews

Longtime actor and Los Angeles native Alison Brie had to learn a lot about the restaurant industry for her new film Spin Me Round — well, sort of. The rom-com turned dramedy, set in the Tuscan hillsides, follows Brie as an employee at a lowly chain Italian restaurant named Tuscan Grove who earns the opportunity […]

August 20, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on Alison Brie Tells Molly Shannon About Baby Food and Sauna Blankets Interviews

This summer, Alison Brie stars in Spin Me Round, a twisted, alfredo sauce-soaked rom-com she co-wrote with her friend and frequent collaborator, Jeff Baena. The film follows Brie as Amber, a manager at a fictional restaurant chain who flies out to Italy for a corporate retreat that goes disastrously, hilariously wrong. For their Eat, Pray, […]

August 19, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on ‘Spin Me Round’: Alison Brie on Her Dynamic With Aubrey Plaza and the Film’s Mix of Tones Interviews

From director Jeff Baena (The Little Hours, Joshy), the darkly twisted comedy Spin Me Round follows Amber (Alison Brie, who co-wrote the script with Baena), as she decides to go all-in on an all-expenses-paid trip to Florence, Italy for select managers of an American fast-casual restaurant chain to deepen their knowledge of the culinary arts […]

August 19, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on ‘Spin Me Round’ star Alison Brie on writing her own roles, those ‘She-Hulk’ rumors and a ‘Community’ movie Interviews

Alison Brie still has no idea where those She-Hulk rumors came from. Or if they were remotely legit. But they were pervasive, to say the least. “It was definitely odd. I went to pick up a sandwich at a sandwich shop and there was a man there who was like, ‘I just read that you […]

August 19, 2022   Jennifer   Comments Off on Alison Brie on ‘Spin Me Round’, ‘GLOW’s Cancellation, and Yes, the ‘Community’ Movie Interviews

If you managed to make it to 2010 without seeing the name “Alison Brie,” then it’s clear that you weren’t watching the right TV series. Between playing Pete Campbell’s wife, Trudy, on Mad Men and the start of her six seasons as Annie Edison on Community, Brie took TV by storm and became a regular […]